I’m well aware of my strengths.
So, I’ve listed all my services below.


If your company’s finance is getting out of hand, it's the time when you’d want me to step in.

Top-notch finance experience at your service

Silja Mikli is the most punctual at adding up all your numbers

Write silja.mikli@cxo.eeor call +372 523 1383

Next to the word efficiency you can find Kairit Tammoja

Write kairit.tammoja@cxo.eeor call +372 556 564 05
Irena Mändmaa
Director of Exec Ops, Sixfold

Having worked with Kairit directly for 6 years, she has my highest recommendation. I can without any doubt say that she is very reliable and easy to work with. You can count on her dedication and attention to detail even late in the evenings in case of a very tight deadline

Lauri Kinkar
CEO, Messente

Silja keeps an eye on our finances, does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and lets me concentrate on growing the company. I'd be toast without her.

Marek Kiisa
Managing Partner, Superangel

I am a dreamer. I would like to see financial KPI's of my company in realtime. Kairit has promised to fix it soon.

Veiko Raime
CEO, Mobilab

I like to stay focused on business development and have relevant numbers for decision making ready for me when needed. Silja has proved to be a valuable business partner for us when it comes to numbers.

I feel that we are clicking. Before we get married, do you want to know more about me?

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